Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working on Ch 14, best I can.

I actually started it yesterday, to be truthful. For a while, I had a bit of writer's block, but yesterday I took the time to write out ideas on paper (I'd finished all my work in Canadian History, which is the most boring class in existence). So I came home and started the chapter using my scribbly ideas. Probably got like, 500 words or something. Better than nothing.
I still doubt it will be up before February. Exams are next week. I've only got 2, but still.
Give you a little spoiler about the chapter ahead: character(s) from earlier on in the story will be returning. Maybe I've said too much?

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  1. Don't worry about it!!! We all can wait, and we all want you to do good on your exams! We're rootin' for ya' Ashley!!!