Friday, November 20, 2009

Where Art Thou?

It's been roughly 24 hours since chapter update, and only 2 reviews.
Hmm. Maybe you guys felt the same about the chapter as I did...
I read it over, still don't like it.
I'll give it time, though. I want your opinons guys!
Be truthful. I can take a punch. Or two.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chapter 8 is up

Finally, I'm glad it's done. Frankly for a couple of days that thing has been a pain in the ass - a source of writer's block and added frustration to an already relatively stressful lifestyle.
But, it's done.
I had a bit of difficulty writing it obviously - lack of motivation I suppose. Also I had to kind of think it through more than usual, which was weird.
Out of all the chapters at the moment, I don't really like this one. I don't know, you probably will, but maybe it's just because I've had a horrid long and drawn out experience writing it.
I included another ODST character this chapter - Dare. As far as I know, if my plans for future chapters go unchanged, Dare and possibly Buck will play a larger part further on. Maybe the other ODSTs as well.
So, I kind of left with a cliffy. The mood in this chapter was dark, and the next one will be generally as dark too, for I left you with John's hinted desires to destroy the man who destroyed his chance at anonymity.
Look forward to some big time drama next chapter, John's not going to be a happy camper.
Yeah, that's pretty much it.
For now, anyway.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anon. Reviewing Back Up

Couldn't leave it for long, wasn't fair for all the rest of my anon. reviewers who are wonderfully supportive.
Working on Chapter 8 atm.
Should be up by Tuesday/ Wednesday.

Friday, November 13, 2009

My Apologies

As of today - I've had no choice but to disable anonymous reviews to my story. Some immature fucktard thought it would be wise to spam After the War with rude comments - one after another.
You got to love how most of the people who trash your work are too cowardly to have a penname (or log in). As well, they usually don't bother to actually read your work - like this douchebag - and just presume things. They don't take into consideration how much work you put into the project, either. And their completely inconsiderate of the author. My cat could've just died and I'd get a review like that.
Guess the point I'm trying to say:
Don't like it, don't read it.
And definitely don't be so fucking immature.
Rant done.
So, unfortunately, my lovely readers, anonymous reviews are disabled for the meantime.
I'll let you know if I enable them (probably will before the next chapter).

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ch 7 is up

I worked really hard yesterday and was able to get the chapter finished and posted. -Pats self on back-. So far, everyone seems to like it - as always, thanks bunches to all of you who reviewed and left me your lovely opinions.
I had a really fun time writing it once I got over the bump (the relatively talky-talky part at the beginning with John and Renee and the whole issue with Harriet having a vendetta for John).
It felt good to write something Covenant-ey (sad attempt at a new word, I know) and well, it was technically the first chapter in the story with some actual action - if you don't count John and Renee's hinted scenes of sex. (Har, har)
Yeah, that was bad.
But yes, I feel confident now that I've actually reached the truly interesting part. The party's starting up, things are really starting to roll, etc.
I took a brave step of including Edward Buck from ODST. It was a last minute thing - not at all planned (Buck's a bastard! Heehee) What horrible jokes I'm coming up with. Not usually my thing, but anyway. I needed someone to stick in there, and I was like, "There's enough OCs in this story to choke the life out of anyone" not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but I wanted someone canon - and I was like Bucky, you're in.
I haven't decided how long or big of a role Buck's going to have in the story. He might just have a guest appearance or be graced with a reoccuring role (gotta love how I'm talking like it's a TV show).
As for the inclusion of the other ODSTs?
Nothing is really finalized - but Buck's appearance seems to be welcomed by you readers, so, who knows. But it could provide a mini off-to-the-side conflict for John - like the guy needs it, but yeah.
Like I said, lots of ideas are whizzing in my head right now. School is driving me nuts - it seems everything is due within the next three weeks and I've got so much to work on, argh!
Yes, as well, my friend Alexis and I came up with an ODST mini-fic during the boredoms of math class. I wrote it while she gave me ideas and hints. Typed it up last night.
I'm not sure if I should post it. It's Buck x Veronica - and the story wouldn't be able to get away with a T rating. Basically, it's exploring their past relationship... er, well, some of it. It originally was going to be clean, but Alexis read what I had so far and was like "You have to keep going! Take it up a notch!" (or two, or three).
It's not that bad, actually (the writing I mean, as for the story's content, it's all up to you).
I'm debating whether or not to post it as just a simple one-shot and see how many Buck x Veronica fans I can lure in.
Well, I'm off to begin work on chapter 8.
Tiring, this is, truly.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ch 7 in the works

Haven't updated in a while, my apologies. I've been busy with school stuff. Yuck.
But yeah, chapter 7 is in the works, I think about... just a sec... 2,011 words so far. Out of roughly 7,000. I'm kind of falling behind.
Which is weird because I know exactly where I'm going with this chapter. I just have to get the pedal to the metal and stop procrastinating. Ugh. Which is what I'm doing with my Math project, Canadian History project, and my art projects.
Life is too busy lately!
I wish my writing could just compensate for all my school work. I bet no one else is writing a novel-length Halo fanfiction! It takes a lot of thought and research, you know.
Grr, reminds me, I was SUPPOSED to be taking Literary Arts this year, which focuses on writing - but no, there were only 10 people who signed up for it so they didn't have it!
Sorry, that was nothing to really do with Halo or my story.
I'm playing ODST a lot lately - firefight mostly. I suck though. Majorly suck.
Wait, second that, the ODSTs suck because they aren't Spartans. Did anyone ever notice when they're injured, they moan and groan (especially Buck). You barely hear a grunt or two from Master Chief! He can take that kind of stuff.
I have to shut up on this, and get to work on chapter 7.