Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ch 7 is up

I worked really hard yesterday and was able to get the chapter finished and posted. -Pats self on back-. So far, everyone seems to like it - as always, thanks bunches to all of you who reviewed and left me your lovely opinions.
I had a really fun time writing it once I got over the bump (the relatively talky-talky part at the beginning with John and Renee and the whole issue with Harriet having a vendetta for John).
It felt good to write something Covenant-ey (sad attempt at a new word, I know) and well, it was technically the first chapter in the story with some actual action - if you don't count John and Renee's hinted scenes of sex. (Har, har)
Yeah, that was bad.
But yes, I feel confident now that I've actually reached the truly interesting part. The party's starting up, things are really starting to roll, etc.
I took a brave step of including Edward Buck from ODST. It was a last minute thing - not at all planned (Buck's a bastard! Heehee) What horrible jokes I'm coming up with. Not usually my thing, but anyway. I needed someone to stick in there, and I was like, "There's enough OCs in this story to choke the life out of anyone" not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but I wanted someone canon - and I was like Bucky, you're in.
I haven't decided how long or big of a role Buck's going to have in the story. He might just have a guest appearance or be graced with a reoccuring role (gotta love how I'm talking like it's a TV show).
As for the inclusion of the other ODSTs?
Nothing is really finalized - but Buck's appearance seems to be welcomed by you readers, so, who knows. But it could provide a mini off-to-the-side conflict for John - like the guy needs it, but yeah.
Like I said, lots of ideas are whizzing in my head right now. School is driving me nuts - it seems everything is due within the next three weeks and I've got so much to work on, argh!
Yes, as well, my friend Alexis and I came up with an ODST mini-fic during the boredoms of math class. I wrote it while she gave me ideas and hints. Typed it up last night.
I'm not sure if I should post it. It's Buck x Veronica - and the story wouldn't be able to get away with a T rating. Basically, it's exploring their past relationship... er, well, some of it. It originally was going to be clean, but Alexis read what I had so far and was like "You have to keep going! Take it up a notch!" (or two, or three).
It's not that bad, actually (the writing I mean, as for the story's content, it's all up to you).
I'm debating whether or not to post it as just a simple one-shot and see how many Buck x Veronica fans I can lure in.
Well, I'm off to begin work on chapter 8.
Tiring, this is, truly.

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