Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Renee Kilburn -> Natalie Klein

Alright, this is a decision I'm leaving entirely up to you, so cast your votes on my profile on

The REASON: When I had originally created LOAS, I used the name Renee (which is my middle name). I've always been horrible when it comes to creating names - but the more I look at it the more unprofessional it seems (although most of you probably wouldn't know my middle name). People have asked me before if Renee is a self-insert, which she isn't. I'm not even half that cool.

I finally decided upon a name that works: Natalie Klein. It still allows for a nickname to work "Nattie" in place of "RenRen" for Renee.

Her name would be the only thing that would change. I would simply go back over the chapters for both stories and change her name. There would be no changes whatsoever to her character's personality. It's the same character, just with a different name.

So vote. As I said, it's entirely up to you.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Attention All Readers...

There might be an increase of time between my chapter updates of LOAS: ATW. Those who've been following me as an author for some time know of my plans to write an actual fictional novel with plans to publish, and they know how I've been struggling since mid-summer to try and find an adequate plot that will work.

And I think I've finally found it - because, normally, writing LOAS is my first priority, but instead, the ideas for this novel is actually (at the moment) bumped LOAS to second place.

But do not worry. I will not abandon the story, like I have been guilty to do so for a couple of my previous fanfictions. LOAS will still carry on, for I love Halo with all my heart and soul - this just means I might not update weekly - it probably will be bi-weekly.

It all depends. Alas, do not be disappointed. The reason why I am generally jumping upon this novel idea, is because, I technically have a little more than 12 months to get the novel finished and published... because, although writing is a talent, I desperately want to be an actress.

And beginning actresses need another job while they're scrounging for auditions. This novel, if it goes well, will hopefully pay my way to Los Angeles (my ultimate destination), or university.

I'll certainly let you know how it is coming along.

I've started work on LOAS's chapter 17. Once again, I repeat, I will never abandon this story. Not for the world.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapter 16 Up

That blasted chapter is finally finished, it took a while. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far. I noticed a couple of you were saying that you are ready for the mission: I promise that it will happen within the next two chapters, maybe I can even narrow it down to one.
Just that I don't want to rush things.
I'm actually surprised that I finished the chapter this week, because I'm involved in my school's play, and we're down to the last few days before performance nights, so I'm putting in 10 hour school days (rehearsal is from 1 to 6). I'm getting pretty tired - too bad I couldn't take my laptop to school and write when I'm in the wings. Technically speaking, I could, it's just that I do not trust anyone to leave it when I need to go onstage for my lines.
I'll be done of the play on Saturday, so I'll be back hopefully to my regular updating schedule. Sometimes it is tough to be both an actress and writer. Demanding, most certainly.
So, this is just a random tidbit, I was listening to a new Taylor Swift song I downloaded this morning on the bus (Ok, I know, you're probably thinking 'Ew Taylor Swift, she only sings about love and boys) But this new song of hers she released called "Breathless" actually ties in very well with LOAS: AtW. I'll put some of the lyrics, just in case you're curious. Maybe even download it and give it a listen. I like it.

Here you are now,
Fresh from your wars,
Back from the edge of time,
All that you are,
Is stripped to the bone,
I thought you would want to know,

When you feel the world is crashing
All around your feet,
Come running headlong into my arms,
Breathless. [chorus]
I'll never judge you,
I can only love you,
Now come running headlong into my arms,

Lay down your guns,
Too weak to run,
Nothing can harm you here,
Your precious heart,
Broken and scarred,
Somehow you made it through,
I only ask that you won't go again,


I'm so glad to see you smiling,
So good to hear your laugh,
I think that you've even
Missed yourself
I'm only asking this because I think that,
Truth be told,
Oh, you'll never go again,


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chapter 15 Up

Glad to get it done. Ran into some writers block, as well as having to re-write a scene a couple of times to get it right. I was kind of struggling with getting the right mood in this chapter. Didn't want to make it too angry and negative, but didn't want to make it all flowers and daisies either.
I will start writing Chapter 16 tomorrow, if not a bit tonight.

Friday, January 29, 2010


I've set up a page on Twitter specifically for my writing, for more shorter updates.
Follow me at:

Back to General Freedom

Finished my last exam yesterday (I think the highest mark I could've made on it was a 68) but anyway.

No more exams means: back to writing!

Although I've only got "Chapter 15" (literally, haha) written for the next chapter, I'll get to work.

Living in lovely Canada, I woke up today to a shit blizzard. I didn't have to go to school anyway, but it was cancelled at noon - which meant the exams that were meant to be written today have been postponed to Monday. Means no school for me on Monday either. Tuesday's a marking day, so once again, no school. I've got a 5 day weekend ahead of me. Score.

So somewhere between chillin' with friends, going to see Avatar one more time (what an awesome movie) and just enjoying general freedom - I will get to work on the next chapter.

The Poll. It's going well - 34 votes cast so far. At the moment, the answer "Yes" is taking the lead with 21 (61%) of the votes.

Note: the result of the poll won't necessarily determine the fate of what's ahead, so don't fret too much if it's not going your way.

Voters! This is a shout out to you: I want to know why you voted why you did, just to hear your opinions, get ideas or hear your concerns! PM my FFN account with your reasons!

Thanks for all the votes so far. Keep 'em coming. Love you all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chapter 14 Up

Got it finished and published on the site last night.

Today, I completed one of my exams and now there's one more to go: Math. It has never been my strong point, so I'm going to have to cram in order to get a half-decent mark. Once that stuff is out of the way, I'll be free to update as much as I want, there'll be nothing stopping me.

So for all who's reviewed the new chapter so far, you have my thanks as always. Same to my voters. I think there's been 11 people so far? It's a highly controversial vote, I know. But I just want to know your preferences as to this touchy subject. However, the result of the poll will not neccesarily mean that's what I'm going to do. It all depends. I'm playing with the idea and threw the poll out there just to see what you'd think.

In response to the comment left on my last update: unfortunately Love of a Spartan: ATW and Return to Sanghelios will not be related / intertwined in any way. When I thought about creating the Sanghelios story, I knew I wanted to do it because it's so different from what I've been working on in the past. It's not humans - but Sangheili. I throroughly enjoyed entering 'Kolsamee's mind in Love of a Spartan and I realized I wouldn't mind going further and doing an entire story circling around Sangheili characters. Return to Sanghelios is an entirely different world, literally and figuratively, and I hope it goes well. (Chapter 2 should be up by the first of February).

Whoo, I'd say I've flapped my gums enough for now.

Remember, your vote is appreciated! (I sound like a politician. Haha.)