Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chapter 16 Up

That blasted chapter is finally finished, it took a while. Thanks to everyone who has reviewed so far. I noticed a couple of you were saying that you are ready for the mission: I promise that it will happen within the next two chapters, maybe I can even narrow it down to one.
Just that I don't want to rush things.
I'm actually surprised that I finished the chapter this week, because I'm involved in my school's play, and we're down to the last few days before performance nights, so I'm putting in 10 hour school days (rehearsal is from 1 to 6). I'm getting pretty tired - too bad I couldn't take my laptop to school and write when I'm in the wings. Technically speaking, I could, it's just that I do not trust anyone to leave it when I need to go onstage for my lines.
I'll be done of the play on Saturday, so I'll be back hopefully to my regular updating schedule. Sometimes it is tough to be both an actress and writer. Demanding, most certainly.
So, this is just a random tidbit, I was listening to a new Taylor Swift song I downloaded this morning on the bus (Ok, I know, you're probably thinking 'Ew Taylor Swift, she only sings about love and boys) But this new song of hers she released called "Breathless" actually ties in very well with LOAS: AtW. I'll put some of the lyrics, just in case you're curious. Maybe even download it and give it a listen. I like it.

Here you are now,
Fresh from your wars,
Back from the edge of time,
All that you are,
Is stripped to the bone,
I thought you would want to know,

When you feel the world is crashing
All around your feet,
Come running headlong into my arms,
Breathless. [chorus]
I'll never judge you,
I can only love you,
Now come running headlong into my arms,

Lay down your guns,
Too weak to run,
Nothing can harm you here,
Your precious heart,
Broken and scarred,
Somehow you made it through,
I only ask that you won't go again,


I'm so glad to see you smiling,
So good to hear your laugh,
I think that you've even
Missed yourself
I'm only asking this because I think that,
Truth be told,
Oh, you'll never go again,


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