Friday, January 29, 2010


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Back to General Freedom

Finished my last exam yesterday (I think the highest mark I could've made on it was a 68) but anyway.

No more exams means: back to writing!

Although I've only got "Chapter 15" (literally, haha) written for the next chapter, I'll get to work.

Living in lovely Canada, I woke up today to a shit blizzard. I didn't have to go to school anyway, but it was cancelled at noon - which meant the exams that were meant to be written today have been postponed to Monday. Means no school for me on Monday either. Tuesday's a marking day, so once again, no school. I've got a 5 day weekend ahead of me. Score.

So somewhere between chillin' with friends, going to see Avatar one more time (what an awesome movie) and just enjoying general freedom - I will get to work on the next chapter.

The Poll. It's going well - 34 votes cast so far. At the moment, the answer "Yes" is taking the lead with 21 (61%) of the votes.

Note: the result of the poll won't necessarily determine the fate of what's ahead, so don't fret too much if it's not going your way.

Voters! This is a shout out to you: I want to know why you voted why you did, just to hear your opinions, get ideas or hear your concerns! PM my FFN account with your reasons!

Thanks for all the votes so far. Keep 'em coming. Love you all.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chapter 14 Up

Got it finished and published on the site last night.

Today, I completed one of my exams and now there's one more to go: Math. It has never been my strong point, so I'm going to have to cram in order to get a half-decent mark. Once that stuff is out of the way, I'll be free to update as much as I want, there'll be nothing stopping me.

So for all who's reviewed the new chapter so far, you have my thanks as always. Same to my voters. I think there's been 11 people so far? It's a highly controversial vote, I know. But I just want to know your preferences as to this touchy subject. However, the result of the poll will not neccesarily mean that's what I'm going to do. It all depends. I'm playing with the idea and threw the poll out there just to see what you'd think.

In response to the comment left on my last update: unfortunately Love of a Spartan: ATW and Return to Sanghelios will not be related / intertwined in any way. When I thought about creating the Sanghelios story, I knew I wanted to do it because it's so different from what I've been working on in the past. It's not humans - but Sangheili. I throroughly enjoyed entering 'Kolsamee's mind in Love of a Spartan and I realized I wouldn't mind going further and doing an entire story circling around Sangheili characters. Return to Sanghelios is an entirely different world, literally and figuratively, and I hope it goes well. (Chapter 2 should be up by the first of February).

Whoo, I'd say I've flapped my gums enough for now.

Remember, your vote is appreciated! (I sound like a politician. Haha.)

Monday, January 25, 2010

Still Working Away, when I can

In my free time, how little there is, I'm adding to Chapter 14. As well, I'm working on Chapter 2 of my other Halo story, Return to Sangheilios.
I'm going to write my Cdn History exam tomorrow, and my Math one on Thursday, and once I'm done of all that, it'll be back to having general freedom!
There's probably about 2,000 words to Chapter 14 now.
And 3,000 to Chapter 2 of Return to Sangheilios.
They're coming. Slowly but surely.
Also, I put up a poll on my profile on relating to LOAS: ATW. Check it out, and vote!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working on Ch 14, best I can.

I actually started it yesterday, to be truthful. For a while, I had a bit of writer's block, but yesterday I took the time to write out ideas on paper (I'd finished all my work in Canadian History, which is the most boring class in existence). So I came home and started the chapter using my scribbly ideas. Probably got like, 500 words or something. Better than nothing.
I still doubt it will be up before February. Exams are next week. I've only got 2, but still.
Give you a little spoiler about the chapter ahead: character(s) from earlier on in the story will be returning. Maybe I've said too much?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Chapter 13 Up.

Finished and put up chapter 13 last night. I'm not too sure if you guys will see another chapter before the end of January. I've got an art show, two exams, and two plays coming up. I'm going to be really busy for the next three weeks, and sadly, I doubt I'll have much time for Love of a Spartan.
So enjoy what you've got for now.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

It's 2010 - new beginnings, new chapters, maybe new stories.
Happy new year everyone, "After the War's" Chapter 13 is in progress!
& for any of you who are a fan of "Return to Sanghelios", Chapter 2 will be up eventually. I haven't given up on it.
Hope everyone's partying, getting drunk, whatever, HAVING FUN.
Love AshleyBayleee