Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone (Chapter 12 Up)

I got Chapter 12 up last night - got the right amount of motivation to finally finish it - and it finished with a bang. Amy of course would take that in the wrong way, but depending on how bad your mind is, I suppose you could take it whatever way you want, since it works.
So, how was your Christmas?
Mine was great. Recieved a new cellphone and 3 Christian Bale movies. Public Enemies, Terminator: Salvation and American Psycho, plus lots more great things. I got a freakin' 2 lb chocolate bar! It's HUGE.
Like it would be the Master Chief of the chocolate bar world. Seriously. This thing is a tank.
I'm not going to try and eat it all in one day, or I'm afraid I wouldn't be slender anymore. More like major blob. (Watched T2 for the first time today, and yeah, that T1000, he was a total blob. Picture that x 10, only I wouldn't be that cool and walk through walls).
Kind of rambling here.
I'll be working on the next chapter soon, once the chaos of Christmas calms down.
So, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and I hope you all enjoyed my little gift to you.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ch 12 = 5000 words, so far.

I'm lazy.
But 5000 words is better than nothing.
I'm working on it. If I work really really hard, I might have it up by tomorrow - but I might hold off until after Christmas. Maybe. Who knows.
Only 2000 more words to go roughly, and that's not a lot. I know how this chapter's going down, I just need to write it.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm behind schedule. I've only got roughly 1600 words for Chapter 12 and it was due to be posted yesterday. I'm working on it currently, and hope to have it up asap.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working on 12

I'm working on chapter 12. Though I'm behind schedule again. I only have 1000 words done so far and I'm supposed to post the new chapter on Friday or Saturday.
Chapter 12 might be last chapter posted until after X-mas, just because I'll be really busy. School is out in 2 days though and I have 2 weeks off. :)

Hah, got another stupid review from a douchebag, penname "that guy neoj" whose best insult he can come up with is (copied and pasted):

"love of a spartan sucks big balls the only thing good about this is nothing i think i got dumber for reading this gay crap my cuz is trying to tell you this will be okay but its not this is gayer then the time i played the game superman for the n64"

I just have to rip this up. How many things are wrong with this?
1. No capitalization
2. No commas
3. No periods
4. There is no such word as "cuz"
5. "Its" should be "it's" or "it is"
6. Due to the context in which it's being used, "Then" should be "Than"
7. If he hates my story so much, why would he "read it" and allow himself to get "dumber" by doing so?
8. Last time I checked, Love of a Spartan contains no homosexuality. (Not that there's anything wrong with that *cough* homophobe *cough*)
9. How can a story (or anything non human/animal) "suck balls"? Clearly it has no mouth.

Amy Smythe would roar at the last one.

If you're going to hate my story, at least give me a logical and mature reason. Hating it because it is gay - that's not saying anything about anything but yourself - This guy is immature and probably jealous that, unlike him, I have an ability to actually write properly in the English language.

Seriously, what a homophobic dumbshit. Keep 'er comin! Wait, he can't - he's blocked and reported. Riiiiight.

Ooh that was fun.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


AND FRED (*whistles*)
This is from the newest episode of Halo Legends called the Package.
And could it be anymore of a better timing!
I must say, I'm impressed!
John's in the ep too, but they show him from the neck down. As usual.
Kelly is actually pretty close to what I pictured her to be!
Fred, well...
I must say, Fred,
I want his number.
Imagine what Chief must look like.......

Friday, December 4, 2009

Ch 10 Up

Finally I've got chapter 10 out of the way. Can you believe it? 10 chapters already! I'm pretty excited, it's a milestone, that's for sure. This chapter was actually longer than the last few had been. Usually, it's me trying to make it just long enough - I usually average them around 7000 words, but this time I was writing and checked the word count and I was at 6900, and I hadn't even begun to close the chapter.
This one I had a little difficulty with, I was struggling with trying to get the right mood and the way the characters would be responding. I rewrote the scene between John and Renee when they both arrive home a couple of times. At first, I made them get into another heated argument, but it was too extreme and wouldn't be easy to resolve in the time I wanted. So I softened it up, and then it was too light and happy - John and Renee, Renee especially was acting much like her 19 year old self we familiarized ourselves with in the original story. And I was like, no, this is wrong - she's 38. Duh.
I think the scene is now okay, but I don't think it's the best it could possibly be, but I'm not really up for tinkering with it - I didn't want to keep you guys waiting. I knew if I put it off to another day I wouldn't get it up for a while.
This weekend I have to work on a couple of projects and I might be going to the movies tomorrow night - so there would be little time for the chapter to be finished.
Anyway, hope it pleased you all.
Happy reading.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working on Ch 10

Didn't update when I posted last chapter. I've been really busy lately, and frankly it sucks. I forget the last time I was able to sit there and think "I've got nothing to do, I can relax". At the moment, I've got nine projects to do.
6 IB Art projects.
1 Adv Art 12 project
1 Canadian History project
1 Math project,
Not to mention a test tomorrow.
And someone wants me to draw a picture for them.
And someone else wants me to draw two pictures for them.
And I have to finish writing chapter 10 of the story - which I'm almost done of btw. Should be up by Friday (I'm saying that because I don't know how much I'll get done today or tomorrow).
It's open in MS word right now, I've wrote maybe ten words so far. But I've got to study tonight, and work on my rought draft of that CDN hist project which is due Friday.
I truly miss how simplistic my life used to be. D: Gah.