Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Working on 12

I'm working on chapter 12. Though I'm behind schedule again. I only have 1000 words done so far and I'm supposed to post the new chapter on Friday or Saturday.
Chapter 12 might be last chapter posted until after X-mas, just because I'll be really busy. School is out in 2 days though and I have 2 weeks off. :)

Hah, got another stupid review from a douchebag, penname "that guy neoj" whose best insult he can come up with is (copied and pasted):

"love of a spartan sucks big balls the only thing good about this is nothing i think i got dumber for reading this gay crap my cuz is trying to tell you this will be okay but its not this is gayer then the time i played the game superman for the n64"

I just have to rip this up. How many things are wrong with this?
1. No capitalization
2. No commas
3. No periods
4. There is no such word as "cuz"
5. "Its" should be "it's" or "it is"
6. Due to the context in which it's being used, "Then" should be "Than"
7. If he hates my story so much, why would he "read it" and allow himself to get "dumber" by doing so?
8. Last time I checked, Love of a Spartan contains no homosexuality. (Not that there's anything wrong with that *cough* homophobe *cough*)
9. How can a story (or anything non human/animal) "suck balls"? Clearly it has no mouth.

Amy Smythe would roar at the last one.

If you're going to hate my story, at least give me a logical and mature reason. Hating it because it is gay - that's not saying anything about anything but yourself - This guy is immature and probably jealous that, unlike him, I have an ability to actually write properly in the English language.

Seriously, what a homophobic dumbshit. Keep 'er comin! Wait, he can't - he's blocked and reported. Riiiiight.

Ooh that was fun.

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  1. lol, i enjoyed reading it.

    Anyway...*Gay stuff cough*. Don't rush the next chapter, we all like good quality stories, not rushed ones.

    Your awesome as always.