Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Working on Ch 10

Didn't update when I posted last chapter. I've been really busy lately, and frankly it sucks. I forget the last time I was able to sit there and think "I've got nothing to do, I can relax". At the moment, I've got nine projects to do.
6 IB Art projects.
1 Adv Art 12 project
1 Canadian History project
1 Math project,
Not to mention a test tomorrow.
And someone wants me to draw a picture for them.
And someone else wants me to draw two pictures for them.
And I have to finish writing chapter 10 of the story - which I'm almost done of btw. Should be up by Friday (I'm saying that because I don't know how much I'll get done today or tomorrow).
It's open in MS word right now, I've wrote maybe ten words so far. But I've got to study tonight, and work on my rought draft of that CDN hist project which is due Friday.
I truly miss how simplistic my life used to be. D: Gah.

1 comment:

  1. lol, I hear you on the full schedule. Just when I think I have time to sit, and do nothing, write or read, I'm proven wrong.

    College only complicates things as well ;*(

    Can't wait for that 10th chapter though. I'm sure it was be awesome, as per usual. ;) Good luck.