Monday, January 25, 2010

Still Working Away, when I can

In my free time, how little there is, I'm adding to Chapter 14. As well, I'm working on Chapter 2 of my other Halo story, Return to Sangheilios.
I'm going to write my Cdn History exam tomorrow, and my Math one on Thursday, and once I'm done of all that, it'll be back to having general freedom!
There's probably about 2,000 words to Chapter 14 now.
And 3,000 to Chapter 2 of Return to Sangheilios.
They're coming. Slowly but surely.
Also, I put up a poll on my profile on relating to LOAS: ATW. Check it out, and vote!

1 comment:

  1. ok, here's my theory!.
    it seems that she's writing LOAS: after the war, and Return to Sangheilios at the same time
    could it be???
    maybe the stories are intertwined???

    who knows!?

    nobody but ashley!!!

    ~Dingis Khan