Monday, March 1, 2010

Attention All Readers...

There might be an increase of time between my chapter updates of LOAS: ATW. Those who've been following me as an author for some time know of my plans to write an actual fictional novel with plans to publish, and they know how I've been struggling since mid-summer to try and find an adequate plot that will work.

And I think I've finally found it - because, normally, writing LOAS is my first priority, but instead, the ideas for this novel is actually (at the moment) bumped LOAS to second place.

But do not worry. I will not abandon the story, like I have been guilty to do so for a couple of my previous fanfictions. LOAS will still carry on, for I love Halo with all my heart and soul - this just means I might not update weekly - it probably will be bi-weekly.

It all depends. Alas, do not be disappointed. The reason why I am generally jumping upon this novel idea, is because, I technically have a little more than 12 months to get the novel finished and published... because, although writing is a talent, I desperately want to be an actress.

And beginning actresses need another job while they're scrounging for auditions. This novel, if it goes well, will hopefully pay my way to Los Angeles (my ultimate destination), or university.

I'll certainly let you know how it is coming along.

I've started work on LOAS's chapter 17. Once again, I repeat, I will never abandon this story. Not for the world.


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