Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ch 7 in the works

Haven't updated in a while, my apologies. I've been busy with school stuff. Yuck.
But yeah, chapter 7 is in the works, I think about... just a sec... 2,011 words so far. Out of roughly 7,000. I'm kind of falling behind.
Which is weird because I know exactly where I'm going with this chapter. I just have to get the pedal to the metal and stop procrastinating. Ugh. Which is what I'm doing with my Math project, Canadian History project, and my art projects.
Life is too busy lately!
I wish my writing could just compensate for all my school work. I bet no one else is writing a novel-length Halo fanfiction! It takes a lot of thought and research, you know.
Grr, reminds me, I was SUPPOSED to be taking Literary Arts this year, which focuses on writing - but no, there were only 10 people who signed up for it so they didn't have it!
Sorry, that was nothing to really do with Halo or my story.
I'm playing ODST a lot lately - firefight mostly. I suck though. Majorly suck.
Wait, second that, the ODSTs suck because they aren't Spartans. Did anyone ever notice when they're injured, they moan and groan (especially Buck). You barely hear a grunt or two from Master Chief! He can take that kind of stuff.
I have to shut up on this, and get to work on chapter 7.

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