Thursday, October 1, 2009

Today is the day

First chapter of Love of a Spartan: After the War has been posted! And so far, is getting positive feedback.

As well, I got a chance to brainstorm today while I suffered through double math (Math is my worst subject in school). The ideas are quite interesting, and they will allow me to thread some action into the story. I won't say much yet though.

I like surprises, maybe you do too?


  1. do you have my ideas in mind (hint, hint)? Or do you have your own now? send me a message, i'm curious.

    - LLaz

  2. What about negative feedback? Is it possible to get negative feedback? Or would you just erase it from existence if you did in fact receive it? Is it possible that people over the age of 18 think your stories are immature and akin to the quality and length of a wet dream? Sometimes I wonder.