Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm typing feverishly away to try and finish Chapter 4 so I can begin 5. (Well, duh). Besides writing LOAS: ATW, I also have Chapter 2 of Return to Sanghelios. And a Drama project. And 8 IB Art Projects. And a Math test tomorrow. And a Canadian History test monday. And recently, I've recieved the news that I won't be getting my braces off until February (originally was December).

Pick one word to describe your life right now?:


But alas, my readers, I'll keep on writing.

My friend Alexis said the funniest / most suggestive thing to me about Master Chief in Math class today. It made learning about finding angles inside of circles or whatever the fuck a lot more amusing.

I won't repeat it though. >:)

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