Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Master Chief is a Millionare...whut?

Yeah, it's true. Or, at least I think.

I found this site that told me the yearly pay of a Master Chief Petty Officer (although it's not for the 26th Century of course). On average, a MC makes $92,686 US a year. I put that into the calculator, and multiplied it by the years John was involved in the war with the rank of a MC (27 years), and by 2552, he would have made $2,502,522 US (21st cen currency).

So, John is a millionare!

Hmm, this could provide fuel for a future chapter when John takes Renee with him to withdraw some money from his bank account...

At least I know there won't be any poverty restrictions on the couples' lifestyle! Hehe.

As for the story itself, I posted Chapter 3 tonight and have almost completed Chapter 4, which should be up this time next week.

- Ash.

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