Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hey everyone.
7 days until Love of a Spartan: After the War gets posted!
Who's excited? I know I am.
Currently, I won't lie to you, I set the due date to October because I wasn't sure how much writing I would be able to get done - and I had no idea I would be attacked with a fierce writing streak. Tonight, I've finished the 2nd chapter - and much like the first one, is clocking in at just over 7000 words, over 1000 words more than its prequel's average.
Longer chapters, boo hoo.
Naw, I know it's going to be great, right? More to read!
About the title, you can all shoot me. If you know me well, you already know that I suck when it comes to creating names, and I'm even more horrible when it comes to thinking up titles.
Bear with me on this one, people.
The story itself is good.
I'm just unsure about when it comes time to post it and I have to think up a 200 character summary. Erk. The last one sucked - and this one will most definitely follow not long behind.
Yeah, so I'm twitching to post the story now - but I can't! So sorry, I'm sticking to the due date.
At least I'm getting ahead of myself a little bit so that I'll have hopefully at least 3 chapters done when it comes to initial posting time. I won't post them all at once, of course.
Too much for you guys to handle.
Naw, I just like to draw it out.
Ya hate me now. I know. Ha ha.
Off to think about the 3rd chapter, which hopefully will begin with a vivid dream - an excuse for me to write some Covenanty (?) stuff. (I know that word does not exist, I created it. Whoo me.)
Auf Wiedersehen.
Or, those who don't understand German,

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